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AGM and Concert Info – NSWS

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Hello all!

We have two rehearsals left before our last concert of the year, Fiesta!


Directly after our final rehearsal on the 19th of November, we will be holding the Annual General Meeting (AGM) for NSWS. Please stay behind at this rehearsal if you can, because it’s important that we meet quorum, and we also want you to be involved as members of the community!

Hopefully a lot of you are already keen to come along, but it would be even greater if some of you are also keen to join the committee. To do so, all you need to do is nominate yourself for one of the positions listed at the bottom of this email, either before the day or even at the meeting, where it’ll be voted on. Running this band is lots of fun, and involves great people, so don’t be afraid to get involved!

Send Angus (our current secretary) your nominations, either through Messenger or via email at [email protected].

Concert Details:

Our concert is on Friday the 24th of November at 7pm. Call time for players is 6:30pm, at the Leslie Hall at Barker College. As per usual, greenrooms will be the classrooms near the hall.
Attire for this concert is colourful! Pick something bright and colourful to wear (you can wear black performance pants if you like) and let’s have a fantastic time.

Please share the details with your people! It’s a fun concert for all ages, so let’s get a big audience for the end of the year. Under 16’s attend for free!
– Tickets are available here:
– Select “Going” on the Facebook event and invite your friends:
– Post on your Instagram about the concert! Tag @northshorewindsymphony and add a photo of the poster to your post! Britany has three posters available in the Facebook group to print/share, so get amongst it. Here’s one with a QR code:

A post-concert gathering will be held at the Blue Gum down the road after the concert. 🙂

I’ll see you soon for the last couple of rehearsals!


The committee position outlines:

The Manager shall:

i) Plan the Organisation’s activities in consultation with the Committee.
ii) Devise the strategic vision of the organisation and ensure its prosperity
iii) Liaise with the Committee
iv) Ensure an adequate handover, including any documents and materials, to the following Committee.
v) Aid the Music Director with the musical direction of the group
vi) In the event of any tied votes of the committee, have the deciding vote.

The Treasurer shall:

i) Maintain the Organisation’s finances (manage bank account, send invoices to members, reimburse bona fide compensation expenses, pay the Organisations invoices including from the Director, budget the Organisations expenses including consulting with the Director on repertoire purchasing)
ii) Present to the Annual General Meeting of the Organisation a report detailing the financial activity and status of the Organisation.
iii) Ensure an adequate handover, including any documents and materials, to the following Committee.

The Secretary shall:

i) Notify the appropriate people of upcoming meetings
ii) Keep minutes of the proceedings of all Organisation meetings.
iii) Maintain the records and documents of the Organisation.

The Personnel Manager

i) Maintain a list of current Members attendance and their contact details
ii) Enforces the attendance requirements of the code of conduct in conjunction with the manager

The Librarian shall:

i) Organise and catalogue the musical assets of the Organisation (via appropriate marking of the Organisations music)
ii) Coordinate distribution of parts in the folders and for members home practice
iii) For rented music organise the appropriate return of the music

The Social Manager shall:

i) Organise social events with consultation with the Committee

The Marketing Officer shall

i) Produce the programs for concerts
ii) Organise photography of the Organisations events
iii) Create promotion strategies for the Organisations concerts
iv) Be responsible for maintenance of the band social media accounts and website

The General Committee shall
i) Assist with the duties of the committee members as required

Looking forward to hearing from you all soon! [email protected]