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Sunday is Sectionals

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Hello NSWS team, Tomorrow I can’t make it as I’m involved in a conducting course. I’ve got a sectionals planned for our group which will be held in the Music Centre. It’s good timing in our preparation, as we’re almost half way through our rehearsal process for this gig.

Folders up are in the Boyce Hall (where percussion can rehearse too).

In the sectionals, it’s a really great chance to ensure the technical sections of each of the pieces are up to scratch. Sectionals can be large or small eg; All clarinets OR Bb Clarinets only etc, etc.

In the NSWS members page where you will find the practice music, there are scores and the “cuts” for the symphony.

Of particular note, 4th movement of the symphony needs attention to get to the tempo to performance. The 1st movement – Drammatico (162) to end needs attention. Especially the big triplet section at 221.

Horns, Cornets and Flugels can work on their duet at 263.

In the Folksongs. 2nd Mvt (E) to the end: put a metronome onto quavers and GO. Don’t relent. Stay in time – especially across multimetric sections. 3rd Mvt. Put the metronome on and practice. There are a lot of cross rhythms that require security. Aim to unify section articulation in all works and great balance.

If we can come out of this sectional and feel secure in pitch, intervals, balance and technical requirements – then that’s a huge achievement! If there are any questions, please reach out on 0431863456 Best of luck! Have fun!