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Concert Countdown is on, Prize available!

Hi everyone,

Few important notes from me as we only have 3 rehearsals and a dress rehearsal left before the concert.

  • The person who invites the most number of friends to the Facebook event before next rehearsal I will shout a $50 Amazon voucher. Victoria is currently in the lead! Each player should ideally bring about 20-30 audience members.
  • Your band fee’s have been sent, please promptly pay these so we don’t go bust! Critical to include your invoice number in the transfer description. Any concerns please communicate them.
  • Please shoot me (Harry) a message if any of your friends or family are willing to take pictures at the event. Free tickets for the photographers whole family will be available!
  • Our wonderful event poster (thanks Britney!) is now available in instagram stories form. Please post the below image with the ticket link by uploading the image as a story > clicking “stickers” > “link” > Input the ticket link

Have a ripper week everyone, see you Sunday.