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NSWS Updates

Some key updates below – please read!

States: We will likely be playing on Saturday 24th August, this is held at Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre in Penrith. Please keep the afternoon/evening free. If you are in another competing wind band, please reach out to Angus Hawken as we need to organise players passes. More to come on this as we receive information.

Pre-States Concert: Sunday 11th August, evening concert TBC if we’ll be at Barker or the Con. Likely performing with the Australian Airforce Band 🎼.

Rehearsals: Arrive at 3:45pm please and reminder for those that are on break duty to do a quick tidy of the snacks after rehearsal as well please.

Fees: Will be coming out in the next couple of weeks, please pay promptly as this helps us to decide concert and rep plans! Questions to Linda Mitchell please!

Program 3: Rehearsals will run Sunday 01/09/24 – 17/11/24 with the exception of Barker school holidays (29/09/24 – 13/10/24). Concert will be on 24/11/24. If you are interested in chamber group performance, please reach out to El Brim.

Please reach out if you have any other questions.

Kind regards,